Federal Inmate Text Messaging 57

Federal Inmate Text Messaging

As technology filters into every aspect of our lives, even prisons and jails are beginning to explore new ways of communicating with family and friends. Federal inmate texting is one of these innovations. Inmates can send messages to their loved ones https://contactmeasap.com/blog/seventeen-signs-you-work-with-key-phrase/ using a specific device that resembles an ordinary cellphone. The device costs 10 cents each message and the maximum character limit is 160. It is easy to use for loved ones who want to contact incarcerated relatives.

The devices, commonly called chirping devices, don't allow inmates to take photographs or download apps to make phone calls or browse the web. Also, they aren't allowed to use stickers or emojis. The device doesn't need pre-approval or phone minutes.

On the ConnectNetwork website, users can purchase credits to send messages. The prices for the messages differ by state and facility. To check the current rates, log in to ConnectNetwork and go to the messaging page for the person in custody you would like to talk to.

Inmates can reply to messages by either sending back with a handwritten reply or responding electronically. Corbot can be used to purchase books. Corbot also has an Amazon feature that allows prisoners to search for books by title or author, and then find an all-text version of the book.

While the capability to text is helpful but it is important to keep in mind that federal prisoners are subject to strict security measures. Users of the service must be aware of their surroundings and avoid sharing any information that is personal such as an address or a phone number that they have with inmates. It is also recommended to avoid prisoners who are not approved to participate in this program.

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